Elodie and Andrea Iannone, the love that no one believed in but that works

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When they started dating in a few, perhaps, they would have bet on the duration of the story between Elodies And Andrew Iannonea bit for the recent break (at the time) between her and Marrakech, partly due to his apparent lack of constancy in love. Time has proved the couple right, today more close-knit than ever after the first heartbeat, which arrived last summer.

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In the last few hours, to confirm the love, also a series of photos of the two, published by her on Instagram. Joke shots, referencing two famous screen couples, Mickey and Mallory, from born killers, and Elvira and Tony, from Scarface. «I like him, but at this stage I don’t think there are any expectations on either side. If it should bloom, it will bloom. But now is not the time to talk about it.” It’s still: “He’s a funny guy who makes me laugh”said the centaur singer a Vanity Fair last September.

A lot has changed in a few months, so much so that, according to some gossip, the two are ready to live together. To reveal the indiscretion, the weekly Who. She lives in Milan, while he is based in Switzerland, in Lugano, but now he is at home in the Milanese capital and the sightings hand in hand with his girlfriend are countless. The flowering has definitely arrived, unexpected and beautiful.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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