Elon Musk and Zaich Bolsonaro meet in Sao Paulo

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The Brazilian president Zaich Bolsonaru will meet today in Sao Paulo with the billionaire businessman Elon Muskinformed a img close to his government the French Agency, as part of a plan to gain access to the internet in the area where the Amazon rainforest extends.

The government img did not want to go into further details about the meeting.

Mr Bolsonaru recently announced that he would have a “private” meeting in Sao Paulo with “a very important person, known all over the world”.

He will offer “his help to our Amazon”, the head of state clarified, without revealing who he is, as broadcast by the French Agency and relayed by the Athenian News Agency.

Mr. Musk, the richest man on the planet, with a fortune of $ 230 billion, according to Forbes magazine, owns the space company SpaceX and the automaker Tesla.

Recently, has announced its intention to buy the social networking site Twitter for $ 44 billion, before postponing the plan until it is given information about the fake accounts.

The Brazilian government announced in November that it was negotiating with SpaceX an offer for satellite internet access in the Amazon rainforest region to address, among other things, illegal deforestation.

In mid-February, the space company launched about fifty satellites of Mr. Musk’s Starlink service, which offers Internet access to customers around the world.

Starlink promises high-speed connections via thousands of small satellites to residents of areas where internet access services are not available (via mobile or wired networks). It already has around 100,000 subscribers, with the special equipment being sold for 600 euros and the subscription reaching around 100 euros per month.

Source: News Beast


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