Possible Biden meeting with Mohammed bin Salman next month

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US President Joe Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia are likely to meet for the first time next month, CNN reported yesterday, citing multiple sources.

Biden government officials are in talks with the Saudis over a possible meeting, as Biden will be out of the United States next month, according to the same CNN report.

The White House said it could not confirm whether there were any plans for a possible meeting between Biden and the heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said yesterday that he had discussed the issue of oil production with Saudi Arabia.

Relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia went through a difficult period last year, following Biden’s decision to cut US support for military operations under Saudi Arabia in Yemen, as well as the release of US intelligence reports that the successor of the throne, who is the de facto leader of the kingdom, approved an operation to arrest or kill journalist Jamal Kasogi, who was assassinated in Turkey in 2018.

The Saudi government has denied any involvement of the crown prince in Kasogi’s assassination. The journalist was a resident of the USA and wrote an article in “The Washington Post” criticizing Mohammed bin Salman, while he was killed by a group of agents connected with the prince’s successor. Of Arabia in Istanbul.

Relations between the United States and the world’s largest oil exporter have also deteriorated since Biden’s efforts to revive the 2015 international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. US allies in the Gulf say it has little to do to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

Washington has so far tried unsuccessfully to persuade Saudi Arabia to increase oil production, in addition to a small increase agreed within OPEC +, to offset possible losses from Russia following Western sanctions against Moscow. for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Saudi Arabia has refused to take a stand on Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Source: Capital

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