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Elon Musk did not keep his promise: Tesla will not be able to release Cybertruck at the original price

Elon Musk did not keep his promise: Tesla will not be able to release Cybertruck at the original price

Quite often, Elon Musk is criticized for his overly ambitious promises – the billionaire loves to announce to the whole world that his advanced product will be released in a year, which, however, almost never happens. The same fate befell the Cybertruck electric pickup, which was announced back in 2019. Even then, the vehicle seemed too futuristic to enter the market in the next couple of years, and the production of new items has not yet started – there are only hints that the pickup truck will be sent to the assembly line in the second half of 2023. And now it also turned out that the prices presented at the Cybertruck presentation are no longer relevant – they will sell the much-awaited new product at a completely different cost.

Elon Musk personally stated this at a recent meeting of Tesla shareholders – there he said that the manufacturer would not be able to produce an electric pickup at the prices stated at the 2019 presentation, plus the characteristics would also have to be changed. It is worth recalling that initially the basic version of the vehicle with one electric motor was supposed to be sold for $39,990. In addition, the company also had a version with two electric motors for $49,900 and a top trim for three motors for $69,900 – all three cars could be pre-ordered on the official website.

At the moment, there is no longer a section with pre-orders for Cybertruck on the Tesla official website – it was simply removed, hiding also the technical characteristics of the future electric pickup truck. Now, however, it is possible to place a pre-order through the company itself, but this is just an opportunity for a tick – the potential buyer will find out the cost of a pickup truck only before the release, placing an order guarantees only the opportunity to get it before the rest. Musk himself believes that the main reason for all these actions is inflation, which no one could foresee, as well as the difficult situation faced by car manufacturers at the moment.

The problem is that now Tesla does not name the Cybertruck price at all – the manufacturer plans to start installing the necessary equipment in Texas in a couple of months, and if nothing happens, then in the second half of 2023 the car will be sent to dealers. And only then the company will name the final price of the electric pickup, which, apparently, will be noticeably higher than the original one.

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