ELVALHALCOR: OK from the General Assembly. in a dividend distribution of € 0.03 per share

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The Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of ELVALHALCOR was held today.

As announced by the listed company, 23 shareholders, in person or through a representative, were present, holders of 322,717,460 shares out of a total of 375,241,586 shares of the Company, ie 86.00% of the total shares and votes.

In the context of the General Assembly The shareholders approved, inter alia, the distribution of results for the corporate year 2021, the distribution, from the net profits, of the amount of € 1,338,634 for payment to 19 executives-employees of the Company for their substantial contribution to the achievement of the company’s goals during the fiscal year 2021, which includes three executive members of the Board of Directors, and the distribution of a dividend, in favor of the Company’s shareholders, amounting to three euro cents (€ 0.03) per share.

It is noted that after withholding tax of 5%, the net dividend payable per share amounts to € 0.0285 per share. As announced by the Company, with the Financial Calendar, the cut-off date is set at 30.05.2022, the date for identifying beneficiaries is set at 31.05.2022, while the dividend payment process to shareholders will begin on 03.06.2022.

At the same time, they approved, following the decision on the issuance of joint bond loans of the Ordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholders from 24.05.2021. the issuance of common bond loans totaling up to the amount of 150,000,000.00 euros, which will be covered in full by Banks and the purpose of which is the refinancing of short-term or long-term borrowing, and / or the coverage of needs for working capital, permanent or / and the financing of future investment programs, authorizing the Board of Directors of the Company for further actions for the implementation of this decision.

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