Ema Stokholma wins the Bancarella 2021 Award

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With the beauty of 140 votes, For my own good, the moving autobiography of Mother Stockholm published by HarperCollins, wins the Bancarella Award 2021 followed by The Supper of the Gods (Gallucci Editore) by Marino Bartoletti, I am the witch (Solferino) by Marina Marrazza e Don’t save me (Sem) by Livia Sambrotta. «I thank all the booksellers for this Bancarella Award, I met fantastic people! What an adventure life is! ” wrote Stokholma on Twitter as her lifelong friend Andrea Delogu shared on Instagram a shot of the deejay with the prize in hand.

“140 votes out of 170, go wild with compliments »wrote the presenter, who has always been close to Ema in the long and painful journey that led her to reopen certain drawers of her past.

For my own good it is, in fact, the book in which Ema first spoke of domestic violence she suffered as a child and that led her, with sacrifice and desire to do, to realize the dreams she had left unfinished for too long. “At the beginning I wanted to tell the story as if it were not mine, a way to report the mistreatment of abused children: I didn’t think it would change things in me, but it did. I feel more understood, less alone and less angry. I’m much more pacifist than before, ”said Stokholma, fresh from the single’s success Threesome, just a Vanity Fair.

When we asked her if she had made peace with everything, her answer was: «As long as I go to analysis, I will try. I also closed the chapter with my mother thanks to the writing of the book. With my father, however, I still have to do a great job of acceptance. Maybe I’m halfway there. ‘ On the doubts that led her to share or not her story, which literally conquered the independent readers of the Bancarella Award jury, she finally added: “I had them until I was 36, until I wrote the book. Then I did it because, even though I am no longer a person to be saved, maybe my story can help open the eyes of many other people, maybe he can push someone to knock on a neighbor’s door to ask if everything is okay. It didn’t happen to me. ‘

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