The Queen has returned to Sandringham, where she spent the last summer with her beloved Philip

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Elizabeth II spent the weekend a Sandringham, in Norfolk, and visited on Sunday Wood Farm, the residence where thebeloved husband Philip he had retired in 2017 after his farewell to royal duties due to advanced age. Precisely in that country house overlooking the sea the monarch and the duke, last year, they lived their last summer together before returning to Windsor.

Wood Farm is one of Elizabeth’s most loved residences. It is said that only there does the sovereign really relax, cook, and even wash the dishes. The less royal royal mansion – a five-room wooden house where the service staff are not wearing uniforms – holds many memories. who Diana he stayed with the queen in one of her first meetings with Prince Charles (in 1980, as a guest at one of his parties). Here Kate Middleton he slept on his first trips to Sandringham in early 2000, when she was still not William’s wife.

According to Daily Mail 95-year-old Elizabeth II arrived in Norfolk by helicopter, visited the stables of Commodore Yard in the company of his racing director John Warren, and then it came to Wood Farm personally driving his car (which now, given his age, he does only on the land he owns). Returning to the house where her husband lived must have been a blow to the queen for the queen. The the pain of separation after a life spent together cannot be undone. Ma the sovereign goes on, apparently vital and smiling. Because this is what Prince Philip would have liked.

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