Embratur calls for investigation against “dating coaches” and sex tourism

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The Federal Police (PF) should open an investigation for sex tourism against the group Millionaires Social Circle, at the request of Embratur, the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Tourism. In a note published on Thursday (16), the agency showed solidarity with the women victims of the group and stated that the practice of tourism for the purpose of sexual exploitation is a crime in the country.

To understand better, this foreign group offers relationship courses for men and usually visits cities in Latin America and Southeast Asia so that men can test these supposed techniques.

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At the end of February, the group promoted a party in the capital of São Paulo and allegedly invited women to be guinea pigs for the apprentices without their knowledge.

Some of the women who attended the party saw their photos on the group’s social media and filed a complaint. There is an investigation by the Civil Police open against the two foreigners who would be leaders of the group and they must be called to testify.

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On social networks, they defended themselves by stating that at the party everything was done with the consent of the participants and that giving tips on how to use dating apps is not a crime.

However, they were also ironic in the defense note stating that “they had the biggest party in Brazil and that the feminists did not like it”.

In addition, there are other videos on the group’s social networks that are considered misogynistic, such as one in which they give tips for creating an environment of consent for women to agree to group sex and several others that label some types of women as psychologically unstable.

In São Paulo, it is possible to file a police report on the Civil Police website. Another way to make a complaint is on Dial 180.

Source: CNN Brasil

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