Emer blockchain platform wallet updated to version 0.7.11

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Emer Cryptocurrency Wallet (EMC) has been updated to version 0.7.11. Support for the emerDNS zone in the Amnesia VPN service has also been added.

The developers of the Emer blockchain have tested the integration of the emerDNS service for IPFS. Amnezia VPN began to support emerDNS zones, said Emercoin CTO Oleg Khovaiko:

“Our goal is to create an infrastructure based on the Emercoin blockchain without a single SPOF point of failure, where the emerDNS network will become the basis of reliability. It is an independent DNS that is one of the fundamental means of combating censorship on the Internet.”

In version v0.7.11, an entropy cache was added to speed up the loading of the blockchain, hard checkpoints, and a migration to boost 1.76, qt5 was carried out. In addition to updating the list of STUN servers and improving the code, the new version fixes a bug in the GUI certificate generator and eliminates the cause of mempool false rejection in the main network. The build tool on ARM, MacOS x86 and Mac M1 has also been updated.

Since December 2021, emerDNS has been present in DNSCrypt, a DNSCrypt altername server that resolves domain names from the emerDNS list. Physically, the server is located in Moscow. Users of any DNSCrypt gateway, such as dnscrypt-resolver or dnscrypt-proxy-android, by installing the appropriate application and specifying altername as the server, can not only hide their DNS traffic, but also access sites in alternative emerDNS domain zones.

The Emer platform is built on the code base of Bitcoin, and also uses elements of other cryptocurrencies: Namecoin, Unobtanium and Peercoin. EMC cryptocurrency is used for financial transactions in the Emer network. Although Emercoin supports traditional mining, including joint mining with Bitcoin, most of the blocks are created on PoS consensus.

As of early 2022, according to Emercoin’s own statistics, the network has about 80,000 active addresses. Approximately 150,000 queries to sites in the emerDNS zone are sent through OpenNIC gateways every month.

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