Emily in Paris: how to have a bedroom in true Parisian style and feel like Emily Cooper

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If there is a character who in recent months has bewitched us with his sweetness and spontaneity, it is Emily Cooper: the protagonist of the success of Netflix Emily in Paris. Her outfits and looks have set a trend, as have the elegant interiors, rich in details, pastel colors and class.

It is therefore now more than proven that the combination of charm, luxury brands and fashion continues to work excellently. And if we add Paris as a backdrop, voila… Here is the perfect cocktail.

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But get ready if you are a fan of Emily in Paris, the city of love and its chic style, here are the suggestions of ManoMano, to give your bedroom a super refined and elegant air, as if it directly overlooks the Champs-Élysées.

Soft colors

To give your bedroom a Parisian touch, you don’t necessarily need big furniture changes, just use a palette of soft, neutral colors. If you want a more sweet and romantic air, choose between white and pink for both the walls and the decorative accessories. You will thus get a relaxing atmosphere and very stylish.

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If, on the other hand, you prefer glamor and character, dare to add brushstrokes of gray, black and gold for the accessories and some key items of the room. Another option can be the wallpaper, perhaps with floral motifs, so that it conveys freshness and delicacy. The result? A Parisian-style bedroom that you will never want to leave.

The moldings, a must

If there is a characteristic feature in every historic Parisian home, it is undoubtedly the elaborate plaster moldings that embellish walls, ceilings and doors. If you want the same effect, but much faster and cheaper, you can always use the DIY with boxy wood finishes and white painted. Just stick them on walls and doors with a good adhesive for an instant touch French.


Parisian style in clothes is definitely a must and when walking along the Seine it feels like being in a movie. So, to wear our new clothes, there is nothing better than adapting the wardrobe either walk-in closet so you have everything at your fingertips. It certainly can’t be missing a bar to hang them up or to prepare the look for the day after.

If you have a lot of bags worth flaunting, why keep them in a closet when they can be part of the decor instead? You can arrange them in an open shelf, as an exhibitor. To avoid dust, you can still choose to add glass doors.

If space permits, place a wardrobe-island whereas well as having extra space for folded clothes, you can arrange all your jewelry and accessories neatly. Marble trays or glass jewelry boxes will not only help with organization, but will also give a very sophisticated touch to the whole. Finally, don’t forget to add a mirror with a beautiful frame, a carpet soft light color and, of course, a beautiful chandelier in the purest French style.

If space is limited, you can opt for a padded pouf, as beautiful as it is versatile, useful for placing what you need or even for an elegant Parisian breakfast. Sundays with croissants e coffee with milk they will be unforgettable.

Moldings, gold, marble, fresh flowers, scented candles … Here are some design and furniture ideas to relive Emily’s French style without leaving home.

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