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Emmanuel Macron condemns the bombing of civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip

The president of France Emmanuel Macron “condemned in the strongest terms” today the bombing of civilian infrastructure in the war between Israel and Hamas, during a press conference in Bern.

“We strongly condemn all of them bombings against civiliansin particular the political infrastructures that must be protected in the framework of our international law and humanitarian law,” said the French head of state on the first day of his official visit to Switzerland.

In addition, Macron assured today that defends a “balanced” position and that he “never diversified,” after being criticized for a lack of clarity about the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“We recognize, absolutely, Israel’s right to defend itself and fight against terrorism, but as Israel is a democracy (…) this right of self-defense should be included in the framework of international humanitarian law respecting the law of war (…). We have never differentiated ourselves” in this regard, he pointed out.

Source: News Beast

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