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‘She gave birth to her baby in captivity’ says Netanyahu’s wife about pregnant Hamas hostage in Gaza

A woman, kidnapped by Hamas during the October 7 attack on Israel, born in Gazasaid the wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a letter published today by the services of the Israeli head of state.

The woman who was in her 9th month on the day she was abducted pregnancy her, it is assumed that she gave birth because 39 days have passed since her abduction and not based on confirmed information, explain the Times of Israel. The wife of the Prime Minister of Israel sent a letter to US First Lady Jill Biden, in which she states, among other things, that “One of the women kidnapped by Hamas was pregnant. She gave birth to her baby in captivity”, as reported by APE-MPE.

The woman, who has not been publicly named, is one of at least 240 hostages believed to have been taken from southern Israel to the Gaza Strip during the October 7 Hamas offensive.

Source: News Beast

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