Endesa is looking for non-energy partners in its ‘Netflix’ of services to plug customer leakage

Endesa is looking for non-energy partners to integrate into its new electricity and gas marketing platform with which it wants to revolutionize the sale of these supplies to households.

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The group launched this service last October, which allows a fixed payment for electricity and gas bills without the need for a rebilling on real consumption at the end of the year. It is a new offer that seeks to give “transparency” to the receipt by always paying the same fee depending on the client’s profile, explains its CEO, Jose Bogas.

After its launch and the acquisition of the first 5,000 users, the electricity company seeks to sign alliances with other service providers outside the energy sector that add value to what it calls its particular ‘Netflix’.

In fact, the television streaming platform could be an example of those joining the group. Security, health services, insurance companies are also invited … In no case will Endesa engage in commercializing these services, but will make its database available to you. 4.5 million customers in the liberalized Spanish market and will offer combined packages.

The goal of the electric is plug customer leakage That hits your bottom line. In the last five years alone, Endesa has lost 600,000 customers in the electricity business, representing a 6.2% decline.

Its chief executive downplays the importance of this drop, which is linked to its position as an incumbent in the Spanish market and to the aggressive competition with which small electricity retailers and large oil companies are making a dent in the market. they intend to diversify their business.

Added to this loss this year is the fact that many clients have chosen to switch to the regulated rate -now called PVPC- to benefit from the collapse in energy prices caused by the pandemic.

“The objective of the change is to stabilize the customer base and avoid its reduction from 2022. It is not something that should concern us, but it does occupy”, says Bogas about the group’s new commercial policy, which will be one of the pillars of the 2020-2022 strategic plan presented last week.

In the field of supply to large companies, the electricity company is committed to providing advice on supply, offering rates that mix fixed and variable sections and windows in order to change and make supply more flexible.

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