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Enem 2023: How to manage anxiety before and during the test?

During the preparation and testing of the National High School Exam (Enem), many students may feel anxious about some challenges. However, dealing with this adversity is essential for a good test result.

A CNN heard experts on the subject, who pointed out that feeling anxiety is normal, as it is the body’s mechanism to prepare and protect us from future situations.

But in specific cases, such as Enem, some actions and attitudes can be adopted to manage this situation:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing exercise;
  • Maintain expectations consistent with the study carried out;
  • Have positive thoughts;
  • Maintain good nutrition;
  • Maintain a good sleep routine;
  • Study in a location similar to where the test will be administered;
  • Plan your trip to the test site in advance.

On the day of the test, it is recommended to leave home with enough time to travel smoothly to avoid delays, which can be a trigger for anxiety. To avoid this, it is worth visiting the place where the test will be administered a few days in advance to facilitate planning.

Staying calm is essential, as is understanding that a certain level of nervousness is common, as explained by Patrícia Celeste Gomes, clinical psychopedagogue, specialist in Neurolearning and president of the Espírito Santo nucleus of the Brazilian Psychopedagogy Association.

Recommendations for preparation

The experts interviewed by the report were unanimous regarding the importance of maintaining a sleep routine and good nutrition, in addition to practicing physical exercise.

“Physical activity is a great ally, as it promotes the production of well-being hormones, such as endorphins and serotonin, and helps regulate sleep”, explains Patrícia Gomes.

“Eating healthy is also essential to stay in good health. Therefore, it is important when preparing for the Enem to keep the body and mind in balance”, he says.

Luis Anunciação, professor at PUC and doctor in Psychometrics, states that tests like the Enem are “planning events” and that “the biggest competitor we have in any competition is not our opponent, it is ourselves”.

The expert highlights that confidence is the result of learning and planning, highlighting that it is necessary to keep expectations compatible with reality and applied study, so that there is no frustration. In other words, keep your “feet on the ground”.

Before the test: more study or leisure?

Another important recommendation for students on the eve of the test is to try to relax and do pleasant activities that provide peace of mind, instead of trying to review the content acquired throughout the preparation, as pointed out by Pedro Oscar Lorencini, pedagogical coordinator of Poliedro Curso.

“If the student likes to watch a film, it’s a good time to do so with family and friends”, says the coordinator. But he also warns that this should be done responsibly, not exceeding bedtime, for example.

Professor Luis Anunciação also explains the term “academic bulimia”, when students try to “ingest” too much content, in excess, which ends up not being absorbed and can generate more anxiety.

Finally, planning for the day of the test is recommended, with a list of what you need to bring, such as pen and documents, registration number, food; and look for the application site in advance, bearing in mind that there will be traffic on the day and that other situations may cause delays, such as construction work and rain.

“Wake up early, make a hearty breakfast, also prepare a quality lunch, a well-balanced lunch, with whole foods, avoiding those that are very fatty”, highlights Pedro Lorencini.

Recommendations for the test

“Performance anxiety” can happen while taking the Enem. Experts then recommend trying to stay calm and do a diaphragmatic breathing exercise (or deep breathing):

  • Adjust yourself in the chair as comfortably as possible;
  • Place your hand on your abdomen (belly) close to your navel;
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing;
  • Breathe calmly through your nose and fill your lungs with air, also allowing your abdomen to move and expand;
  • Release your breath through your mouth for a count of 10, completely emptying your lungs and abdomen.

However, remember that this should only be done a few times, not taking up too much time during the test.

It is also important to keep in mind that preparation has been made, that what needs to be done has been trained, and try to maintain confidence.

“When you are faced with a very difficult issue, which is taking a lot of time, it is important to have humility and recognize that it is difficult, but it will probably be difficult for everyone. Finish this question, skip it and go to the next one”, recommends Pedro Lorencini.

Furthermore, asking questions about subjects that are easier for you can help you gain confidence.

Source: CNN Brasil

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