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Enem 2023: What you can and cannot take on the day of the test?

The application of the 2023 National High School Examination (Enem) begins this Sunday (5). The test is full of rules that, if not respected, can cause the candidate to be eliminated and make the 11:30 marathon of the exam, adding the two days, be in vain.

One of the main points of attention is precisely the materials that cannot be taken to the test site or cannot be used during the exam. A CNN prepared a complete list of items that are essential for the test and what is prohibited by the Enem rules.

See below:

What can you take to Enem?

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The following documents are accepted:

  • Identity cards, issued by Public Security, Armed Forces, Military Police and Federal Police secretariats;
  • Identity issued by the Ministry of Justice for foreigners, including those recognized as refugees;
  • National Migration Registration Card;
  • Provisional National Migration Registration Document;
  • Identification provided by class orders or councils that by law is valid as an identity document;
  • Passport;
  • National Driving License (CNH).

The National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) also included digital versions with photo (e-Título, CNH Digital and RG Digital) in the list of documents valid for identifying the participant. However, only digital documents presented in official applications will be accepted; prints and screenshots are prohibited.

In case of loss, the person taking the exam can submit a police report up to 90 days before the first day of the exam and submit to a collection of their personal information. People who present erased or ineligible official documents will also need to go through the special identification process.


It is mandatory to use a black ink ballpoint pen with a transparent tube. Pens with other colored ink can compromise the optical reading of the test answer sheet, used to check which and how many questions the participant got right and, therefore, determine their grade in the exam.

Registration Confirmation Card

It is optional and advisable for the participant to carry the Registration Confirmation Card with them. It contains information about the test location, such as the address and room, the foreign language chosen by the person at the time of registration and the relevant times, such as the opening and closing of the gates and the beginning and end of the test.


Participants can bring food to consume during the test. The main focus is on light foods that help replenish energy, such as cereal bars and chocolates. It is permitted to bring bottles of water to the exam, as long as it is transported in a transparent bottle without a label. Everything will be inspected by the test inspectors.

Masks and alcohol gel

The mandatory use of facial protection masks against Covid-19, and other respiratory diseases, is subject to the determinations of each state and municipality. Use is mandatory, unless local legislation allows it. Participants can bring hand sanitizer with them to sanitize their hands.

What can’t you take?

Upon entering the room, the participant receives a storage envelope provided by the exam administrator where all items that cannot be used during the test must be placed. Are they:

  • Dark glasses and headgear, such as caps, hats, visors, beanies or the like;
  • Pen made of non-transparent material, pencil, mechanical pencil, erasers, rulers, concealers;
  • Books, manuals, printed materials, notes;
  • Hearing protection;
  • Watch of any type;
  • Any electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, wearable techcalculating machines, electronic diaries and/or similar, ipodsrecorders, pen drivemp3 and/or similar;
  • Alarms, alarm keys or any other electronic component;
  • Headphones and/or any transmitter, recorder and/or receiver of data, images, videos and messages;
  • Any other materials extraneous to the test.

The envelope must be placed under the person taking the test’s desk, with electronic devices turned off.

It is also prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages, use illicit drugs or cigarettes and other tobacco products at the test site.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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