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ENFIA: Reduced up to 40% for 5 million owners – Up to 10 payment installments

The ENFIA 2022 statements are a matter of hours to be posted on Taxisnet.
The tax for 5,000,000 property owners, according to the calculations of the Ministry of Finance, will be reduced, for 900,000 ENFIA will remain at the same levels while about 350,000 property owners will pay small or double increases compared to the previous year.

ENFIA will be paid in 10 installments with the first being paid at the end of May.

ENFIA Liquidation 2022: How to issue them

– Enter the myAADE homepage

– Click on the “Applications” window

– Click on “Citizens”

– Go down to the letter D in the option “Declaration E9 / ENFIA”

– The page with ENFIA and E9 will open. Enter the Taxisnet codes and enter the application.

– Select the year 2022 and see the liquidation of ENFIA 2022.

The changes

The discount rates are applied depending on the amount of the property, while they are abolished for the very large properties.


– For real estate value up to 100,000 euros (instead of 60,000 euros that is valid today) a 30% discount is provided.
– For real estate value up to 150,000 euros, a 25% discount is provided, instead of the 20% that was valid until today.
– For real estate value up to 250,000 euros, a 20% discount is provided.
– For real estate value up to 300,000 euros the discount is set at 15%.
– For real estate value up to 400.00 euros, a 10% discount is provided.

Additional tax: For those properties that have a value of more than 400,000 euros, a new tax is imposed per property that is calculated at a rate of 0.2% up to 1%.

The scale for calculating the tax is as follows:

– 400,000.01-500,000 tax 0.20%
– 500,000.01-600,000 tax 0.30%
– 600,000.01-700,000 tax 0.40%
– 700,000.01-800,000 tax 0.50%
– 800,000.01-900,000 tax 0.60%
– 900,000.01-1,000,000 tax 0.70%
– 1,000,000-2,000,000 tax 0.90%
– Over 2,000,000 1% tax

Tax increase: For properties worth more than 500,000 euros, the total tax is increased up to 20% depending on the amount of the property. The surcharge will be calculated by the following factors:

-for real estate value up to 650,000 euros, by 5%
-for real estate value up to 800,000 euros, by 10%
-for real estate value up to 1,000,000 euros, by 15%
-for real estate value from 1,000,000.01 euros and over, by 20%.

Plot factors: The rates of the basic land tax are reduced by up to 80%. For example, for a plot value of 75 to 100 euros per sq.m. the rate drops to 0.0375 instead of 0.1850 euros while for a plot value over 5,000 euros per sq.m. the new rate lands at 9,250 from 11,250 euros per sq.m.

Source: Capital

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