Epic microphone resignation: He shouted at managers and customers and left

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When someone wants to resign from work, especially when he feels wronged, he thinks of various ways to communicate. And to be honest we have all found ourselves in the position of thinking of the day we quit our job as a. Big way out.

An employee of a well-known department store chain in the USA found an extremely resounding way to give up. And inform managers and customers at the same time.

Beth McGrath worked in the electronics department and in the video she uploaded to her Facebook account, seems to pick up the microphone of the speakers in the store and burst out announcing her resignation.

“Attention customers and partners, my name is Beth from the electronics department, I work here for almost 5 years and I can say that everyone works hard and is low paid. Both our managers and our customers behave badly and when we have a problem they tell us that we are consumable. I’m tired of this situation. The company treats the older ones like sca..a. Γαμ…. the managers, fuck this job. I quitHe said, among other things, before turning off the microphone and leaving.

In fact, in her announcement, she made sure to expose those who abused her, saying their names and what they did.

On to better things.

Posted by Beth Mcgrath on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

In a new post, the woman informs that several people have approached her for interviews, but she can not answer yet because she wants to find out if it is a fraud.

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