Erdogan ‘cuts’ fixed fees from Turkish electricity bills

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that Turkey would remove two fixed payments from electricity bills to help consumers, adding that his government had already subsidized some energy costs.

Erdogan faces tough elections by mid-2023 at the latest, and his acceptance rates have been hit by Turkish inflation, with recent increases in basic commodities such as food and gas.

Officials told Reuters last week that Ankara was preparing a budget support package to help low-income households with measures such as lowering the minimum wage, easing energy costs and raising salaries for some civil servants.

Erdogan said after a cabinet meeting in Ankara that the government would abolish a fixed 2% payment on electricity bills to fund state broadcaster TRT and another 1% payment on outstanding energy costs.

According to Erdogan, “we will continue to manage the global energy crisis without burdening energy companies and without sacrificing our citizens.”

Petros Kranias


Source From: Capital

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