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After the summer and the holidays are over, a long season is waiting for us to grapple with a new routine between work, family, friends. In all this, however, we should never forget ourselves: the importance of taking care of our well-being, of listening to our body and therefore of nourishing our mind, because the secret of a smile also lies in small daily habits. Simple gestures that can profoundly change the way we face our days: like drinking on an empty stomach, every morning, two glasses of Essential Water Source.

A precious water, which has in forma le ossa, helps cleanse the liver and stimulate the intestines promoting proper digestion and fighting ailments such as constipation and bloating, Fonte Essenziale is also a valid ally for those who want to keep fit because stimulates diuresis and counteracts water retention.

Acqua Fonte Essenziale is indeed low in sodium (the first enemy of blemishes such as cellulite) and very rich in sulfates and magnesium which stimulate the production of bile by lightening the intestinal load, as well as of Football. A unique composition, the result of the perfect work of nature: Essential source, in fact, is a thermal water that flows from the thermal baths of Boario, after a ten-year journey through the rocks of Monte Altissimo, during which it is purified and enriched with minerals and precious trace elements,

Two glasses on an empty stomach every morning, and at room temperature, make all the difference. In a short time tangible results are already visible: the belly is finally flat, the intestine becomes regular again, there is a sense of overall well-being that becomes lasting for those who continue to drink it consistently. Because Acqua Fonte Essenziale helps you feel at ease, stronger, finally free and in harmony with your body. Yes, certain small gestures can really make a difference.

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