Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari’s daughter goes to live with her boyfriend

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Stella Bossari has grown up. After that, last July, he graduated from the European School of Varese, today the daughter of Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari he crossed another, important milestone, leaving the family home and officially starting living together with her boyfriend, Riccardo.

To help her in furnishing the new apartment, located in Milan and judging by the photos posted on Instagram, he looks beautiful, there are the loving parents.

Which, emotion aside, have proven themselvesthe delighted with the choice of their only daughter, 18 years old and a career already started as a model, according to the excellent maternal example.

After a Sunday stop at Ikea, Filippa Lagerback posted on Instagram a shot of her ex-daughter’s love nest, writing next to the photo: “At 18 I packed a suitcase, leaving for Milan for a sabbatical year, before university. If I had known I was away for 30 years (thirty! This September anniversary!) I might have taken at least two or more, like you, my heart. Good luck loves, I love you so much! ». Adding that Whiskey, the sweetest cocker dog of the house, he would return with her and Daniele Bossari to Varese.

In the meantime, the photos of the landlady arrived, who posted a tender hug with boyfriend, surrounded by boxes and visibly in seventh heaven, plus the photo of the romantic dinner in the new house, with candles and pizza boxes, sitting on the floor in the absence of a table. “A new beginning! First evening in the new house: dinner on the floor, candles, music and love. Good luck to Stella Bossari for her new page of life!

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