Establishment of a Development Organization of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

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Development Organization of Local Self-Government with the name “Development Organization of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace”, was established after the approval of the Financial Committee of PAMTH and the Board of Directors. of the AMTH Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the special purpose limited company is to provide scientific, advisory and technical support to PAMTH, but also to local bodies for the implementation of its development policy in all areas of its competence, such as the preparation of studies for the maturation of public projects, the management of European programs etc.

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Shareholders in the Development Organization based in Komotini are the Region of AMTH, which participates with resources of 700,000 euros, and the Regional Development Fund of AMTH, which participates with resources of 672,500 euros.

The nine-member Board of Directors of the Organization consists of: president Vassilis Galanis doctor, vice-president Sokratis Xynidis lawyer, managing director Apostolos Pavlidis civil engineer, Michalis Amoiridis civil engineer, Sempaetin Gasil doctor, Evangelia Dina economist, Giorgos Koukouravas civil engineer, Thanos Papanikolaou economist, Vassilis Pozatzidis chemical.

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Source: Capital

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