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Estelle and Oscar of Sweden, the new official photo of King Carl Gustav’s only remaining grandchildren Royal Highnesses

They are Estelle and Oscar of Sweden the protagonists of the new official photos released by the Royal Palace in Stockholm on the occasion of the Swedish National Day, June 6th. The princess, in traditional dress, and her little brother, elegantly dressed in a suit and tie, were photographed by Linda Broström in Gripsholm Castle, alone and in front of the portrait of King Gustav I, whose accession to the throne on 6 June 1563 decreed the birth of the country.

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Gustav I, in fact, abolished the Kalmar Union, which united Sweden, Norway and Denmark, thus giving life to an autonomous country, even if the establishment of the national holiday is much more recent. A celebration that is special this year both because it is 500 years since that date and because 2023 is also the year of the Jubilee of King Carl Gustav, on the throne for fifty years.

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Nothing better than the little princes, a symbol of Sweden to come, to celebrate. Estelle, 11, heir to the throne, and Oscar, 7, are children of Princess Victoria and her husband Daniel Westling, with whom they also pose in another official shot. The children are the only ones among King Carl Gustav’s eight grandchildren to have kept the title of Royal Highnesses after the sovereign’s choice to deprive the other six of what, to date, it’s more of a burden than an asset. The little princes Leonore, Nicolas, Adrienne, Alexander, Gabriel and Julian when they grow up they can be free to take any path, without any obligation towards the Swedish royal house. A choice that, in his own way, made school. Queen Margrethe of Denmark has also made the same decision regarding four of her eight grandchildren; in her case, however, there were many controversies: no one took it well. In Sweden, on the other hand, the decision does not seem to have caused shocks in the family.

Source: Vanity Fair

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