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Kim Cattrall says yes to Botox, fillers and any anti-aging procedure

Kim Cattrallfor all the cheeky, determined and ultra sexy Samantha Jones from the cult series Sex and the City, had his say on aesthetic medicine, playing the sincerity card. At 66, the British actress doesn’t hide her desire to slow down the signs of time. Thus, interviewed by the newspaper The Sunday TimesKim Cattrall shares her thoughts on injections and Botox. Let’s find out more.

Kim Cattrall with colleague Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex And The City

James Devaney

Kim Cattrall wants to be the best version of herself

Kim Cattrall, who we will soon see in second season of And Just Like Thatcontinuation of the series Sex and the City, has spoken candidly about his relationship with aging. “I want to fight it in every way I can. And therefore I am absolutely not against Botox, fillers and everything that is available today. It’s not just pure vanity. I play roles of women with a certain physical appearance. And as a professional I care about taking good care of myself, I have the money to do it, so why not?. What I want is to always be the best version of myself. What matters, and it’s never too late to repeat it, is finding the right aesthetic doctor to rely on. You don’t want to become another person, right?», commented Kim Cattrall, alluding to certain decidedly unnatural and harmonious post-retouching results.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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