Ethereum’s transition to PoS will take place almost a week ahead of schedule

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The developers of Ethereum have chosen the total difficulty (TTD) at which the transition of the network of the second cryptocurrency to the PoS algorithm will take place. This will happen on TTD 5875000000000000000000, September 15 or 16.

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Initially, it was assumed that the merger of the Ethereum network with the “signal chain” and the transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) would take place on September 19th. Now the developers have agreed on TTD, which will be reached a few days earlier.

Of course, this is not yet a completely final deadline, and the transition to PoS may be delayed. However, the developers have already run the merge on all testnets, and although they were not without problems, the transition was successful. On August 10, Goerli, the largest Ethereum test network, was successfully transferred to the PoS algorithm.

“As a reminder, nothing is final until the release of the client, so there is the possibility of last-minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances,” – wrote one of the developers of the second cryptocurrency.

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Earlier, Bits.Media published a large-scale article on what to do for Ethereum miners after the network of the second cryptocurrency switches to PoS.

Source: Bits

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