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EU: Message to the Western Balkans – Support has had little effect

EU: Message to the Western Balkans – Support has had little effect

The European Court of Auditors stated that the political and financial support of its 27 member states The European Union to those states of western Balkan who want to join “had little effect” and did not push for fundamental reforms.

“Despite decades of EU political support and financial assistance, fundamental problems continue to exist in many Western Balkan countries regarding the independence of the judiciary, the fight against corruption (which remains widespread) and freedom of expression,” he said. organization based in Luxembourg.

The European Court of Auditors considers that the countries concerned, candidates for membership of EU (Albania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) or potential candidates (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo) continue to be undermined by these gaps, despite its efforts EU, which paid € 700 million between 2014 and 2020 to contribute to reforms.

Actions advocated by Europeans are “rarely long-term” and solutions to strengthen local governments are “sparse and often ineffective” and the conditions required by Brussels to provide funding are applied “inconsistently”, its auditors Conference.

“The EU has made little use of the possibility of suspending aid if a beneficiary does not respect fundamental principles such as democracy, the rule of law and human rights,” he said. European Court of Auditors, noting at the same time that support for civil society initiatives “is insufficient and focused in the short term”.

“Moderate progress threatens the viability of EU support for the accession process,” he said. Johann Parts, responsible for the exhibition.

“Significant progress has been made, but it is clear that much remains to be done. “Additional efforts are needed to create a real culture of the rule of law and a stronger political commitment.” EU.



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