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Europe is turning to the right and the bargains after the European elections

“Today is a good day for the EPP”, was Ursula von der Leyen’s comment on the European elections, as her party came first, with herself seeking a new term as president of the Commission. “We are the strongest party, we are the anchor of stability,” he said afterwards, but commenting on the rise of the far right, he noted that “together with others we will build a bulwark against the extremes from the left and the right. We will stop them.” Politico spoke to political analysts who clarified that the “others” that von der Leyen is looking for – and whoever else runs for the presidency – are the group of socialists and liberals, but a special offer of cooperation is expected to some newly elected far-right MEPs. In particular, far-right European parties do not have a formed group in the European Parliament, while they do not cooperate with each other due to strong differences, e.g. for support to Russia or Turkey. Analysts therefore believe that the European Union will be forced to turn to the right […]
Source: News Beast

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