Europe wants to make 3 years of system updates and 5 years of security patches for all smartphones

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European regulators have proposed setting requirements for smartphones that enter the European market. We are talking about the period of device support that the manufacturer is obliged to provide, namely at least three years for software updates and at least five years for security updates. Moreover, all these updates must be available to users no later than two months after the release of the device.

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If these requirements are accepted, they could fundamentally change how Android device manufacturers provide support. For example, to date, the only brands that promise five years of security updates for their smartphones are Samsung and Google. But here it is worth noting that this does not apply to all their devices. Samsung is releasing four major Android OS updates for premium smartphones, and this is the best among Android manufacturers. Google provides three operating system updates, while most other brands provide two or even one.

The new rules could force companies to provide extended support not only for flagship smartphones, but also for entry-level devices, which often receive only one major Android update. The requirements also state that the battery capacity should not decrease after a software update, but should correspond to the data declared at the time the device was released. There is another interesting detail that concerns performance. If the user opted out of the update, no changes should be made to their device that affect performance.

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Other aspects of the rules require that replacement parts, including batteries, displays, cameras and charging ports, must be available for smartphones and tablets sold in the EU for at least five years. European legislators are also proposing to extend the average life of smartphones from 2-3 years to 5 years, which will significantly save resources on recycling gadgets. The European Commission is currently collecting feedback on the project. Some of the proposals may come into force by the end of this year, and most will be adopted a year after approval.

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