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European Central Bank: We will be agile with interest rates – Philip Lane

He Chief Economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), Phillip Lanesaid on Tuesday that they will be agile with interest rates, according to Reuters.

Featured Statements

“We still have many degrees of flexibility to react to upside or downside shocks.”

“We have a good degree of confidence in reaching the 2% inflation target, while reserving flexibility in the exact schedule.”

“We now have a transition dynamic towards the 2% target, we must be careful that it converges rather than getting stuck at a higher number.”

“We look at the exchange rate, it is one factor among many and the fluctuations we are seeing are invisible in terms of inflation.”

“One way to deal with uncertainty is to wait a little, wait and make sure you’re not taking a step you’ll regret.”

Market reaction

EUR/USD remains under bearish pressure and was last seen losing 0.3% on the day at 1.0730.

Source: Fx Street

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