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More than 1,000 exotic animals die in market fire in Thailand

More than a thousand exotic animals, reptiles and pets died in a large market in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, after a fire destroyed more than a hundred shops in the early hours of Tuesday (11), authorities said.

Afterwards, firefighters and rescue teams were seen searching carcasses, shattered cages, blackened walls and collapsed metal roofs.

“I was in shock. I feel like crying, but there are no tears,” said Suwannee Sangdee, a betta fish shop owner who fears her small establishment has been left in ruins and all her precious fish have died. “I have to try to stay sane and figure out how I’m going to figure out my finances.”

An initial inspection suggests the fire was caused by an electrical fault, said police superintendent Phuwadon Ounpho.

Source: CNN Brasil

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