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European Commission seeks to increase investments in capturing CO2 emissions

The Commission European it is it worksgoing on plans for speed up the investment at catch and in the warehouseatment in emissions in dioxide in carbon, the institution said this Friday (9), while the block isfor for reduce to zero your emissions liquid in gases in greenhouse effect by 2050.

In public consultation, the Commission said that the infrastructure for catchre storeatr CO2 underground or use it atthe industries were not indeveloping fast enough, hampered by factors such as high costs for if indevelop local in storeatment.

For try impulseatr this industry, the Commission said it will produce a strategy that canin include goals for 2040 and 2050 in infrastructure in storeatment in CO2or patterns in qualityin in CO2 for across Europe and access to infrastructure in catch in carbon.

The projects in catch and storeatment in carbon (CCS) are crawling at EU and have a track record in controversies in countries such as Germany, wherein some states vetoed previous efforts in this regard. Some activist groups have also opposed the technology, claiming it caninwould be used for prolong service life in I usedats in coal and polluting industries.

but the plans for to remove CO2 of the atmosphere have gained momentum as countries map opportunitiesins for to achieve emissions zero – which will require some removals in CO2 for balance the emissions remnants in industries that cannotinm reduce your production in CO2 to zero, like aviation or agriculture.

“The reduction in emissions remains the highest priorityin of EU climate policies,” said a Commission document.

Source: CNN Brasil

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