European Digital Identity can become a common identification tool for EU citizens

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The European Commission has proposed to create an information system based on blockchain for digital identification of citizens of the European Union.

The European Commission believes that the introduction of digital identification will allow citizens and companies of the European Union to confirm personal data, make it possible to send or exchange digital documents, as well as receive public and private services throughout the EU.

In addition, EU citizens will be able to access various online services, via the Internet or their mobile phones, using a digital national ID.

In accordance with the plans of the European Commission, the EU member states will offer individual digital wallets (European Digital Identity) to citizens and companies that can link their national digital identity with the confirmation of other personal data (for example, driver’s license, diplomas, registration data or bank account) …

The digital identity project fits into the strategy of creating a pan-European blockchain for the provision of public services, which, in turn, is included in the emerging European blockchain-based services infrastructure (EBSI).

The European Commission has not required all EU member states to use any one blockchain technology to implement the European digital identity system. The Commission is “technologically neutral” in this matter and has initiated tender procedures for the selection of contractors for its creation.

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