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European elections 2024: The Irish and the Czechs at the polls, gains for the Dutch far right

The Irish in turn went to the polls today to elect their MEPs, before the Czechs, who vote today – tomorrow and after the Dutch who voted yesterday, Thursday, which confirmed the rise of the far right in the Netherlands, without in any case, to bring her to the first place. 37-year-old Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris was one of the first to cast his vote this morning at the polling station in Delgany, south Dublin. “I admire his energy, but I’m not voting for his party,” Keith O’Reilly, a 41-year-old IT specialist, told AFP as he left his polling station. “They are wrong about so much, starting with immigration.” Dutch voters yesterday elected seven MPs from Geert Wilders’ far-right Party for Freedom (PVV), but the coalition of his rival, Social Democrat Frans Timmermans, came out on top with eight seats. “I think it is an important signal that shows that all the pro-European parties had […]
Source: News Beast

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