European leaders consider holding summit on ‘broader economic issues’

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There are no plans at the moment to hold an emergency EU summit in July to find ways to tackle rising gas prices, a European official said. However, according to another European official, some European leaders are considering holding an emergency summit in July to discuss “broader economic issues”.

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“There are no plans,” the first official said when asked about information about holding an emergency summit next month.

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He said that Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi yesterday proposed in an internal debate the holding of an extraordinary European summit in July to discuss a proposal to impose a ceiling on Russian gas prices.

However, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croix warned today that European Union countries need to start buying energy together and imposing a gas price cap to prevent a major crisis next winter.

“We have to form an energy bloc. If we all work on our own behalf, we will all sink on our own behalf,” the Belgian prime minister said before the start of work on the second day of the summit.

“We need to start buying energy together, we need to impose a price cap and we need to make joint plans to spend the winter,” he said.

Source: Capital

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