Tommaso Zorzi goes shopping in Morocco on Shailene Woodley but doesn’t know who he is

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Everyone will have happened sooner or later to meet a famous person and not recognize him, mistake him for another VIP or ignore him totally. And then bitterly repent of the fool, of course. Instead, there are those who joke about it and are even teased by their boyfriend.

It happened to Tommaso Zorzi, winner of the Big Brother VIP, while he was in Morocco on vacation to celebrate the first year of his relationship with Tommaso Stanzani. And it is the latter who told it on social media, explaining that they were both in a shop when they met what appeared to be two American tourists. Zorzi started giving style advice to one of them, but only when her boyfriend pointed it out did he realize he was in front of Shailene Woodley.

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The 30-year-old Californian, star of Divergent and the fault of the starsshe was trying on some dresses in the dressing room with a friend while Zorzi had her say on her look, unaware that she was facing one of Hollywood’s most loved celebs. The actress with nearly 5 million followers meanwhile she posted some images from Marrakesh, including one of her with ice on her ankle. According to her caption, the shape of the steps in Morocco, with some hidden or barely visible, got her into trouble. There was no shortage of comments from overseas colleagues.

Ansel Elgort, with whom he worked both in the saga of Divergent that in The Fault of the Stars, he wrote to her: “Can I come too?” while Sam Claflin (Hunger Games) sent her a heart icon.

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Meanwhile, the actress is working on various projects: will be Lina Lardi in the biopic Ferrari (by Michael Mann with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz), will lend the face to the crime story Misanthropewill do the dowry seeker in Robots and finally it will return to the small screen after Big little liars in Three Women, an all-female serial story with Betty Gilpin (just seen alongside Julia Roberts in Gasliton Starzplay).

Even the conductor, however, has a very full agenda: just finished filming the second season of Drag Race Italy (Discovery + and Real Time), which will talk about July 14 exclusively at BCT, the Benevento Festival which will see him on stage with the other judges of the talent Chiara Francini and Priscilla (in Naples at the theater with autonomous Dignity of prostitution at Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples until 13 July). The show – created by RuPaul and already multiple award-winning also in the BelPaese – is at the forefront of the values ​​of inclusion, which in Pride Month were reaffirmed with all the force necessary to implement a necessary change.

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