Eurovision 2022, Blanco and Mahmood towards the final: “We fear no one, only ourselves”

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TO Turin it’s the hottest week ever, and not just for the daily 30 degrees. It is the center of music that restarts after the pandemic, the most followed competition in the world after the World Cup. Of Eurovision, for the first time, there is a lot of talk about it in Italy too (even the unexpectedly high ratings in the early evening proved it), thanks to the success of the last Sanremo and above all thanks to Måneskin. And Mahmood29 years old, e Blanco, 19, I’m here. After the triumph at Ariston, the many records of Chills, are waiting to take the stage of the final on May 14th. Italy – among the Big Five of the competition – in fact skips the semifinals. They arrive in Turin interrupting their tours, the first for Blanco sold out on every date; the European one for Mahmood, the best way to return live.

The international press is wondering above all about their song, about the meaning, about the kind of love they sing. Some “controversy”, inevitable in every international competition (and not only), comes from Spain. They don’t care, the answer from Sanremo onwards is always the same: “Love is freedom, we sing all kinds of love, everyone reads us what he wants”. Mahmood And Blanco they are friends, great friends. You can see it on stage and off. Future projects together? “We would like to, but there is currently no project,” explains Mahmood. Chills remains unique, and in the meantime it becomes – from 13 May – also a remix, with the Meduza, the trio of Italian multi-platinum producers.

Photo: Corinne Cumming


Between Sanremo and Eurovision? “Everything is completely different. The Sanremo stage is one thing, the Arena is another, it’s like being in two different cities, ”Mahmood explains. “I’m happy that Eurovision is in Italy this year, we feel at home,” continues Blanco. And again: «Italians are looking for Eurovision to make their music heard abroad, we would like it to happen without necessarily going through here. It takes time, but we will do it, I am convinced ». Announcements: “I’m writing the new record,” explains the 19-year-old. “I’ve written several things, but I don’t know when I’ll let them out,” concludes the other.

The final? “The only opponent we fear is ourselves”, lets Mahmood know, “If we do a bad performance, I’ll be angry for a year. The important thing is to give it your all, then if we finish second or twentieth it doesn’t matter. What matters is to have a clear conscience, to know that you have done well, that you have given your best ». The favorites, Ukraine: “That’s okay. The rhythm stays in your head, you like the song, it’s not just a matter of geopolitics ».

The rite: «Before the stage we give each other a basin on the cheekme, Ale and Michelangelo (the friend and producer, Michele Zocca, ed) », says Blanco,« and then let’s go. We like to reciprocate the affection, even that of the public, we always feel it very strong and we are grateful for it ».

Advances: «What will we wear on stage? Naked, as he says Chills. Only with socks on, ”jokes Blanco. The other laughs. All that remains is to wait for Saturday.

Source: Vanity Fair

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