Eurovision 2022: why Italy only performs in the final

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Yes, Italy is a bit “recommended” at the Eurovision Song Contest, and not because we are the host country. In fact, our country is automatically admitted to the final of the competition without facing the intermediate phase. The reason? Italy is part of the so-called Big Five, that is, the five countries that have contributed to supporting the European broadcasting Union and which are still its main supporters today.

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Together with us, France, Germany, England and Spain are also part of this very small group, and it is for this reason for Mahmood and Blanco, after winning the Sanremo Festival, which is our pass to take part in the competition, they save themselves from the semifinals by going directly to the televoting and the judgments of the National Juries on Saturday 14 May. In 1997, however, our country decided to quit the competition staying out of it for fourteen years, which is why, for this period of time, we only talked about the Big Four.


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Thanks to the intuition of Raffaella Carrà – the first that, in 2008, rekindled attention on Eurovision by hosting, in the latest edition of Caramba what luckthe winning artists of that year’s competition – Eurovision has once again entered Italian historyforging a partnership that over the years, thanks to the participation of beloved artists such as Emma, ​​Il Volo, Francesco Gabbani, Francesca Michielin, Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, Mahmood and, finally, i Måneskinhas become stronger and stronger, to the point that the first semifinal of Eurovision 2022, which returned to Italy 31 years after the last time, was followed by more than 5 million spectators.

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