Exclusive: For 97% of teachers, public school needs to change, says survey

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A survey by the iungo Institute in partnership with the Nucleus of New Pedagogical Architectures at USP (NAP/USP) obtained exclusively by CNN reveals that 97% of teachers believe that public schools need to change to reach the model considered ideal.

The survey heard 1,500 teachers, who indicated that changes need to take place in three main pillars: organization and methodology; relationships inside and outside the school; and in the curriculum.

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Among the teachers’ main desires are to apply interactive, innovative and project-based classes, a technique called “active methodology”.

Researcher Ulisses Araújo explains that, in this model, “things in the world and in society” are problematized, fostering dialogue and breaking the traditional way of teachers writing and students copying.

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Cléo, a public school teacher for 23 years, believes that it is necessary to find more creative ways to teach, since the profile of students is constantly changing.

Other teachers believe in more democratic and inclusive relationships between society, families and the State, and hope that this will happen in a safer and more autonomous way in schools.

“More than salary, more than training, we need care”, observes Gisele Malta Martins, teacher-coordinator in the area of ​​languages ​​at a public school.

The public school structure can be renewed, for example, through the curriculum. Research shows that teachers want students to have access to more interdisciplinary content, which takes into account family, community and work demands.

Another point defended is continuing education: “Often, the education departments propose programs, but they do not guarantee the time conditions, structure for this teacher to experience this training. There are also, many times, training courses that do not really dialogue with the demands of the school”, says Paulo Andrade, director of the iungo Institute.

As of 2022, public and private schools will adopt the New High School. With the change, the subject-based learning model will be replaced by areas of knowledge, which was appreciated by some teachers. It will also be possible to do a technical specialization.

83% of public school teachers want to continue teaching

Another part of the research by the iungo institute with USP obtained exclusively by CNN shows that education occupies a central place in the life projects of 8 out of 10 public school teachers in Brazil.

The survey results show that 83% of teachers intend to continue working in the classroom, and that their plans are summarized in three main themes: the search for excellence and quality in education (present in 88% of the responses); adoption of professional and personal ethics (56%); and commitment to education and profession (100%).

Still, 50% want to positively impact the lives of students and the community, while 30% want to take care of and be responsible for their families, considering the ethical dimension that this entails.

See the full article about the other part of the survey at this link.

Source: CNN Brasil

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