Experiment In Spain: Out Of 5,000 Concert Attendees, Two Became Infected With Coronavirus – Video

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Researchers in Spain found no signs of a higher infection rate among people who took part in a large test concert last month. It is reported by the BBC.


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Within 14 days of the concert, six out of 5000 people tested positive. Of these, four were infected elsewhere than at the event itself, the researchers say.

Previously, the Spanish authorities allowed a show featuring the Love of Lesbian group as part of a research project. The condition for attending the event was a negative test for COVID-19. During the performance, people wore masks but did not maintain social distance.

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“There is no indication that there was transmission during the event,” infectious disease specialist Josep Maria Llibre told a news conference on Tuesday.

The Love of Lesbian group thanked the event organizers and academic advisors. “We hope that from now on, after these excellent results, the world of culture will be heard as it deserves,” – said the group’s Twitter.

The concert has become one of the largest events in Europe since the start of the pandemic. A similar two-day experiment took place in March in the Netherlands with about 1,500 participants.

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