Experts comment on scenario after Queen Elizabeth II’s death

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In an interview with CNN This Thursday (8), experts on the royal family spoke about the scenario of the British monarchy after the announcement of concern for the health of Queen Elizabeth II and the confirmation of her death this afternoon.

Monarch died this Thursday (8), aged 96, at Balmoral Castle, Scotland.

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Earlier, members of the royal family rushed to stand by Elizabeth II after professionals said they were concerned about the 96-year-old British monarch’s health on Thursday, saying she should remain under medical supervision.

Scenario is preparation for the end of a long reign, says historian

For Francisco Vieira, historian and expert on the royal family, said before the queen’s death that “at the moment it was announced by parliament [o estado de saúde da rainha]is in some way a preparation for the end of a long reign.”

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“The fact that the entire royal family is gathered at Balmoral Castle is an indication that the Queen’s condition is worrying,” he said in an interview with CNN .

According to the historian, the United Kingdom is a country “of a professionalism of many hundreds of years that knows this procedure, that nothing will be done on the spur of the moment. The public should not mix with the private”, said Vieira.

Elizabeth II represents UK unity, says professor

Elizabeth II has been queen of the United Kingdom and more than a dozen other countries since 1952, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 2022, the monarch celebrated her 70th year on the throne.

In an interview with CNN Professor of International Relations Roberto Uebel, from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), analyzed the importance of Queen Elizabeth II to the United Kingdom.

“Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of the United Kingdom. In the constitution, it does not have a de facto political power, although it has the responsibility to open the Parliament, to receive the new prime ministers, as at the beginning of this week”, said the professor.

“She is a very important political figure for the unity of the United Kingdom, which is a territorially small country if we compare it to Brazil, for example, but which has a very large geopolitical, economic and commercial expression for the international system”, completed. The expert assesses that the monarch also represents an internal political unit with an image of the United Kingdom in the 20th century.

“All the great geopolitical events from the Second World War until today have been witnessed by the reign of Elizabeth II, which always had this element of unity. She already assumes that power and British head of state in the government of [Winston] Churchill, considered by the British a great statesman”, he says.

Uebel explains that Elizabeth comes to the throne after the death of her father, George VI, who took over the British Crown when her brother, Edward VIII, abdicated.

“She already took on this great responsibility, 70 years ago, to unify the United Kingdom with several political issues, including a republican feeling in part of the country, which will mark her reign”, says the expert.

“She manages to create through her governments – from the prime ministers, and through her own personal performance, this feeling of unity with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland”, he adds.

A person with a gigantic presence on the international scene is lost, says ambassador

In an interview with CNN This Thursday (8), Ambassador and Emeritus Counselor of the Brazilian Center for International Relations (Cebri) Marcos Azambuja highlighted his admiration and affection for Queen Elizabeth II, who died today after 70 years of reign.

According to the ambassador, Elizabeth II was extraordinary “for her constancy, for her discipline, for her rationality”. “I have feelings of reverence and affection for the queen. She soberly and courageously managed a diminished heritage and did so while maintaining fidelity to her values ​​and love for her people.”

For Azambuja, what is happening today in England, to a greater extent, and in the world, “is the loss of a person with a gigantic presence on the international scene.” “Without Elizabeth, the world is a little smaller in terms of the presence of great personalities,” he laments. “Nobody with an immense trajectory, nor with her profile, will be produced again”, she concludes.

Azambuja recalls that the United Kingdom had Elizabeth I, which gave rise to the Elizabethan period. “This second Elizabeth was given a more arduous task, over the course of 70 years, which was the destruction of the[British]Empire, communities and Nations, and the diminution of England’s relative power in the world. It is easier to manage success than the shrinking of power”, evaluates Azambuja.

King Charles’ coronation could take 6 months to 1 year, says expert

British royal expert Renato de Almeida Vieira e Silva explains that the coronation of King Charles, the eldest son of Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne, can take place from 6 months to 1 year after the Queen’s death is announced.

The death raises the alarm for the so-called “Operation London Bridge”, a series of individual protocols and rituals following the announcement of the death “It means the multi-layered announcement of the demise and all the measures that will be necessary until the funerals. Something that should take around 10 days, approximately,” explains Vieira e Silva.

King Charles’ path will be out of ideological and political arguments, says historian

The historian Vítor Soares analyzed that King Charles III must distance himself from the participatory position in politics he occupies today. In his opinion, the monarch should follow the same path as Queen Elizabeth II, who distanced himself from discussions on the subject.

“He [Charles] is a much more participatory figure in politics. Queen Elizabeth had a stance far beyond politics, discussions, ideologies and everything else. She was on top of it all, at least that’s what she liked to do, and it worked”, explains Vitor.

“And probably his path will be towards his mother. It will also mean getting out of these more ideological, more political discussions, and gradually moving towards this ‘being on top of everything’ that is the main function of the monarchy”, he continues.

(Posted by Ana Carolina Nunes, Lucas Rocha, Gustavo Zanfer, Douglas Porto and Ingrid Oliveira from CNN; produced by Isabella Galvão, Giovanna Bronze and Thiago Felix from CNN)

Source: CNN Brasil

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