Explore Torres del Paine: luxury amidst the natural beauties of Chilean Patagonia

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The soothing sounds of the waters of the Salto Chico cataract welcome us from the outside. Inside, windows perfectly frame the natural composition formed by the lake pehoe and part of Massif del Paine mountain range that carries the famous “horns” that are a symbol of the Torres del Paine National Park .

It is in the midst of these scenarios of incomparable natural wonders that the Explore Torres del Paine, a hotel in the heart of Chilean Patagonia.

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With only 49 rooms, its discreet architecture was designed to interfere as little as possible with the environment untouched by man.

From the moment we step into the hotel, we understand that it is, in fact, a cozy complement to the spectacle that we witness outside, where the Patagonia’s natural beauty is the real protagonist of the destination.

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Much more than the comfortable rooms, the cuisine that values ​​local ingredients and the well-deserved rest in the spa area, being at Explora is about being outside, on a journey made to connect with one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

luxury of the essentials

Built more than two decades ago, the entire construction and concept of the hotel is based on the luxury of the essential, that is, it allows us to experience this remote place in its essence, without distractions.

Therefore, the limited number of rooms gives us a feeling of intimacy. Wood, used both externally and internally and in decoration, also plays a fundamental role in the reception design.

located within the Torres del Paine National Park, the largest and best known of Chilean Patagonia’s protected areasthe hotel is located on the banks of the Paine River and facing Lake Pehoé.

In other words, it is a good base for exploring the park and going on expeditions with small groups, where all activities can be done from the facility.

Interestingly, the hotel follows the legacy and concept of Explora, a set of properties that was created in 1993 with the aim of making us experience hidden destinations in the most genuine way possible.

So, the sustainability and the exchange with surrounding communities are fundamental pillars in these hotels – there are seven in total, all in South America, five of them in the Chile.

Accommodations are all inclusive for packages from two nights, and all meals and bar are included, as well as various explorations and transfers to and from the airports.

Patagonian rest

To experience Torres del Paine National Park is to be in constant search of adventure and to go after landscapes that are so beautiful that they seem surreal. There are mountains, rivers, lakes, lagoons and even the third largest expanse of continental ice in the world, the Gray Glacier.

At the end of the day, therefore, we need a break to prepare for more surprising discoveries.

For this, one of the main parts of the hotel is its spa . While temperatures can get below freezing outside, Explora’s interior features a heated indoor pool, steam room and massage treatment rooms.

Four Jacuzzis on an outdoor deck overlooking the waters of the Paine River are also a good choice and complement the landscape.

The 49 rooms are divided into three categories: there are six “Explorers” suites measuring 42m² with views of the mountain range; 36 “Cordillera Paine” suites with 28m² with views of the massif; and seven 28m² “Salto Chico” suites overlooking the waterfall.

All of them, however, share a detail: none of the suites is equipped with a television, a luxury for those who really want to disconnect from the routine and immerse themselves in a remote natural environment.

In terms of gastronomy, we are also warmed up with preparations that prioritize local and fresh ingredients.

With equally breathtaking views to the outside, with Lake Pehoé and the massif in the background, we still have the possibility to taste Chilean wine labels at the table, between whites, reds and rosés.

outdoor adventures

destination of ecotourists and nature lovers, Patagonia, like Torres del Paine Park, also has activities that suit all ages and abilities.

The day to day at Explora is like this: we wake up very early, meet with the guide, join a small group and attend the tour briefing.

From the hotel it is approx. 45 expeditions What can we do in this protected area, where we walk, step on the earth, hike, travel aboard vehicles to more distant points, ride horses and even board a boat towards the glacier.

Explora in Torres del Paine has a private concession on Lake Pehoé, where we have our own deck and two catamarans with capacity for 20 people.

From here, a navigation goes to the pebble beach that gives access to the Gray Glacierone of the unmissable tours to do here, of those that stay in the memory forever.

The hotel is the only one in the region that has a stable with its own horses, trained for expeditions in the park – there are 26 horses in total, bred in the central valley of Chile.

All expeditions on horseback are even led by a gaucho who is a resident of the region, who has expertise and experience in this land often called the “end of the world”.

For those who prefer not to take too much risk, the property’s surroundings already offer pleasant views and walks: the hotel’s wooden walkways are an invitation to enjoy the landscapes that surround us.

A good start is on the pier itself, on the waters of Lake Pehoé overlooking the massif. Towards the road, near the entrance to Explora, there are walkways that connect towards the Paine River, which takes us to the viewpoint of the Salto Chico waterfall.

Explore Torres del Paine
Salto Chico s/n, Torres del Paine, Chile
Contact in Brazil: 0800 878 3158
Reservations and information by official site

Source: CNN Brasil

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