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Explosion PEC without counterproposal for fiscal rule aggravates uncertainty

Uncertainty is the name of the game.

The PEC of the Transition, or PEC of the Burst, must be filed this Wednesday (23) in the Federal Senate, but the values, the deadline to keep the Bolsa Família outside the ceiling and the currency of exchange that the Centrão will most likely ask for are undefined. for the proposal to pass.

A fourth lack of definition crowns the picture and begins to bother as much as the others, if not more: the text must be presented without a new fiscal rule appearing in the package. In other words, the Transitional PEC must bury the spending ceiling once and for all, and without bringing any other one in its place.

The understanding is that the new government wants to leave the “boring part” for later. In addition, both the elected vice-president, Geraldo Alckmin (PSB), and Aloizio Mercadante, founder of the PT and coordinator of the technical groups of the transition process, talk about discussing the new tax rules outside the Constitution through a Complementary Law, which requires a simple majority of congressmen — 41 senators and 257 deputies.

The economists comment that, if it is already easy for the political class to spend money needing a qualified majority, of 308 deputies and 49 senators, the simple majority can open even more way for the rules of the game to be changed.

In this Wednesday’s episode, CNN Money focuses on the risks that the fiscal framework designed in the government transition process brings to the country’s economy.

Presented by Thais Herédia and Priscila Yazbek, CNN Money presents an overview of news topics that influence markets, finances and the direction of society and power dynamics in Brazil and the world.

*Posted by Tamara Nassif

Source: CNN Brasil

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