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With subscription plans, Localiza Meoo reinvents the way of having a brand new car

After video rental stores and CD stores were replaced by streaming services, now it’s the automotive market’s turn to join the subscription mode. Behind this movement is the change in consumer behavior, which now sees more value in using than in owning a good.

The trend is also confirmed by research Global Automotive Consumer Study: America, carried out in 2019 by Deloitte, which identified this view mainly among the younger public: 62% of young people from generations Y and Z do not want to have a private vehicle in the future. For the consultancy, this indicator is in line with the recurrence economy, a concept that has been gaining strength in recent years and is based on consumption in terms of access, not ownership. That is, on the scale of customer priorities are utility, convenience and convenience of services and products.

These requirements apply to anyone looking to own a 0Km vehicle in a practical, economical way and without the pain that comes with owning a car. In this context, the subscription plan has proven to adhere to society’s behavior.

Subscription is carried out through a long-term contract. With Locate Meoofor example, the customer chooses a new car 0 km, the make and model of his choice, the plan that best suits his budget and uses the vehicle, c As if it were his, for a certain period, which can be from 12 to 48 months.

And with each contract renewal, you are free to exchange it for a 0Km without losing money. Has the family grown and that economic model no longer meets the needs? Are you living in the countryside and the executive vehicle no longer fits into your routine? On renewal, you can choose another, from a new category. The subscription car accompanies the changes in the consumer’s life.

Economy at the tip of the pencil

According to Find Meoo, the financial advantage is an attribute that the customer must take into account when in doubt about purchasing a vehicle subscription. For this, consider that you buy an SUV worth R$ 138,000, in cash, and keep it for two years, running around 1,000 km per month. Just for IPVA, licensing and documentation, you will pay approximately R$19,000 per year. As for carrying out the maintenance and insurance, during this period, it will be about R$ 12,000.

After 2 years, your car would be sold for BRL 94,000, considering the value lost with the devaluation, which represents 32% of depreciation. Therefore, there will be only R$64,000 left in cash, which corresponds to the sale price (R$96,000 minus R$31,000 of expenses in the period).

Now, if instead of buying the car you invest the R$138,000 in an investment with a yield of 11.5% per year, at the end of two years you will have accumulated R$171,000. Deducting the 24 monthly subscription plan fees, which are around BRL 74,000, you will have a total of BRL 97,000 in cash. At the end of the pencil, it is possible to see that the subscription model is very advantageous, as it generated savings of more than 50% and, in addition, you will have all the convenience of having Localiza manage all the bureaucratic part.

Practicality and economy

The subscription reinvented the way of owning a brand new car, freeing consumers from worries about documentation, inspection services, IPVA payments and insurance.

With different plans, Find Meoo already includes vehicle protection, documentation, maintenance and assistance in the monthly amount, if necessary. In this way, the client has more predictability, does not face unexpected expenses and keeps the budget under control.

To offer convenience throughout the customer’s journey, the subscription can be made on the Company’s own website. It is possible to choose one of the available models (between economic, intermediate, utility, SUVs, executive and even premium cars, including electric and armored cars); define the lease period and monthly mileage; know the values ​​offered; and know which is the most suitable option according to your demand and financial reality. That is, the plans are customized according to the user’s needs.

The company provides customers with a wide network of accredited suppliers, spread throughout the country, and more than 670 Localiza branches to provide support in cases of claims or other needs, with 24-hour service included, every day of the week.

Access the site and learn about all the benefits offered by Find Meoo🇧🇷

Source: CNN Brasil

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