Express “Junior programmer” LEGO Education 1.2.8

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A creative way to teach preschoolers to learn the basics of coding and develop essential skills for the 21st century through fun, collaborative play with LEGO® DUPLO bricks.


Welcome to the journey on the Express “Young Programmer”! Playing with the Coding Express set, preschoolers can learn the basics of programming and develop the most important skills of the 21st century.

Kindergarten educators will find everything they need to teach kids the basics of coding in this set: the popular LEGO® DUPLO toy, a teacher’s guide and an easy-to-use app.


Playing with the Coding Express set, preschoolers get a whole new learning experience. Games with train tracks of various shapes will help them quickly understand the basic principles of programming, and a variety of tasks and learning materials will make learning to code simple, fun and educational. The coding app creates a whole new learning experience and provides young children with new ways to learn coding.

The LEGO® DUPLO Junior Coder Express solution and the Coding Express app are

  • 234 LEGO® DUPLO bricks, push train with light and sound effects, engine, color sensor, 5 colored active bricks, 2 rail switches and 3.8 meters of toy train tracks.
  • The learning materials include 8 online activities, a kit guide, a poster, 3 building idea cards to build 12 unique models, 5 Getting Started activities, and 8 easy video instructions.
  • The free mobile application provides 4 fun and educational themes for games: travel, characters, math and music.
  • Key learning objectives: building a sequence of events, building cycles, using logical conditions, solving problems, critical thinking, interaction, developing speech and language skills, expressing ideas using digital elements.
  • Educational solution and toy for learning the basics of programming by children aged 2 to 5; based on science, math and technology guidance from the National Association for Early Childhood Education (NAEYC) and Standards for Early Learning Skills for the 21st Century (P21 ELF); in addition, training materials comply with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of the Russian Federation.

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