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“Fabflat”, “fascist”, “Voldemort” – Attacks and insults between the candidates in the 4th Republican debate

For former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Vivek Ramaswamy is “the most insufferable brat in all of America.” For Mr. Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley is the “single most fascist” than Democratic President Joe Biden and utterly “corrupt,” as he wrote on a makeshift… placard. For Ms. Haley, her opponents have repeatedly been caught lying on the campaign trail.

Screams, shouts, exclamations of disapproval, insults gave and took in the fourth debate of the candidates for the anointing of Republicans ahead of the 2024 presidential election, which Donald Trump has insisted on snubbing, 40 days before internal party polls begin to elect the candidate of the American right.

The former president has repeatedly said that he has no intention of taking part in telefights, since, as he says, he has a dizzying lead in the polls.

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in the very conservative American South, four contenders, three men and the only woman in the race, took part in yet another televised debate in which heavy-handed characterizations were exchanged.

The participants did not hesitate to attack each other, especially Mr. Christie and Mr. Ramaswamy.

The Indian-origin entrepreneur in particular, ranked fourth in many polls, was extremely aggressive. At one point he appeared to mock the former New Jersey governor for his weight, referring to a past scandal when allies of Mr. Christie closed a bridge to avenge political opponents.

“Chris, your version of the foreign policy experience is closing the bridge that connects New Jersey to New York. So do everyone a favor, get off your feet and get off that stage, go eat some nice food, quit the race.”

All four rivals were aware they needed to stand out, hoping for the big moment, which would allow them to potentially close the gap to as low as the 40 percentage points that most polls give Mr. Trump.

And if that meant blows below the waist – never mind.

Mr. Ramaswamy went so far as to say he would call his son, 3, to help Ms. Haley find Israel on the … map.

Ms. Haley, for her part, did not hesitate to say that two of her opponents, Mr. Ron DeSandis and Mr. Ramaswamy, have been caught lying repeatedly, while disqualifying her from responding because she is “not even worth my time,” in accusing the businessman of being “corrupt”. She took umbrage at being the target of attacks, saying she “enjoys the attention” from “boys”.

She is said to have, to some extent, wind in her sails (from 4% to 10% of voting intentions recently, according to polls). Notably, he is winning over a portion of the Republican establishment and wealthy party donors. Something not to be trifled with, as such election campaigns often cost billions.

Mr Christie blasted Mr Ramaswamy for insulting the intelligence of the former US ambassador to the UN, but nor did he hesitate to attack the great absentee – Donald Trump – and his opponents because, according to him, they are afraid to refer to the tycoon.

The former governor compared Mr Trump to … Voldemort, the fictional character in the Harry Potter book and film series who is so evil that people are afraid to speak his name. “Voldemort—the nameless one,” he snapped. “They don’t want to talk about him.”

“If you’re afraid of offending Donald Trump, what are you going to do when you sit across from President Xi (Jinping)?” To the ayatollah? To (Russian President Vladimir) Putin?” he added, without failing to call the former president a “dictator”.

Source: News Beast

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