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Norman Lear, pioneer of American television, died at the age of 101

Pioneer of American television and king of sitcoms, Mr screenwriter, director and prolific producer Norman Lear has died at the age of 101, his family announced today. The creator, whose comedies revolutionized the small screen in the 1970s and 1980s, did not stop during his career to tell “the real life of Americans, not the ideal of a magazine”, emphasize his relatives.

Known in the US for his successful comedies such as ‘The Jeffersons’ and ‘All in the Family’, Norman Lear was considered a pioneer of American television, touching on sensitive subjects through laughter.

His television series dealt with racism, sexuality, inequalities or even political differences, offering millions of American households a more realistic picture of family life.

“In the beginning, because of his ideas, he found himself in front of closed doors and a lack of understanding. But he remained committed to the belief that the ‘madness of the human condition’ would make for fantastic television and they finally listened to him,” his family said in a press release, according to AFP and as relayed by the Athens News Agency.

Norman Lear was also the first producer to regularly introduce an African-American family on American television, the Evanses, stars of the series “Good Times”, which aired from 1974 on the American television network CBS.

He was honored, during his career, with six Emmy Awards.

The history “of television can be divided into two eras, BN (PN) and AN (MN): Before Norman (before Norman) and After Norman (after Norman)” American screenwriter and producer Phil Rosenthal stated in 2016 .

Source: News Beast

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