Facebook launches Soundmoji, here’s how to use them

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But if emojis could talk: what would they tell us? We will get the answer to this question very soon, in fact, for all those who like to decorate chats using the hundreds of emoticons available, Facebook has thought about releasing a new update of the Messenger app.

Coming first on the version for iOS devices and later on Android, the Soundmoji are in fact icons associated with a short audio clip: from sound effects to famous phrases from television programs and series such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine e Bridgerton.

“We are launching a whole library of Soundmoji for you to choose from and will be updating it regularly with new sound effects and famous sound notes. Each sound is represented by an emoji, which brings into play the visual emojis we all love, and at the same time, introduces the sound into the mix “he writes Loredana Crisan, Vice President of Messaging Group by Messenger, on the official Facebook blog.

Obviously, use the new sound emojis it is very simple: in fact, it will be enough start a conversation on Messenger, touch theemoticon icon smiling that appears in the text input field and then tap the speaker symbol. In this section, therefore, we will be able to take a look at the previews and proceed with sending to our contacts.

According to the announcement, the library will initially include 27 Soundmoji several that will allow us to send short audio clips such as laughter, applause or drum roll: however, the novelty may not be immediately available in all our devices as the global release is expected within the next few weeks.

All that remains is to keep the Messenger app updated by installing the most recent version released in the App Store and Play Store: in the meantime, however, in the gallery of this article you will learn some tricks to better use the Facebook messaging service. .

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