The most beautiful nose in the realm? Scarlett Johansson’s, the most requested in rhinoplasty

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Having a beautiful and harmonious profile is the aspiration of an increasingly large female audience, and rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most requested interventions globally. On the question of which nose is the most beautiful, we ask ourselves sinceAncient Egypt, when the artists of the time began to idealize the proportions of the face, making drawings and sketches that attracted the attention of Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance. The Genius deepened the reflections on the proportions that make the face beautiful, developing the so-called golden rules aesthetics, still applied in the figurative arts, in the aesthetic field and also in make-up.

But he didn’t speak in profile. This topic has been the subject of interest for years by researchers from all over the world, and those of the New York University, in particular, they came to the conclusion that the tip should be slightly raised. The scholars also calculated that the lines that start from the tip and edge of the upper lip and converge at the base of the nostrils, if they generate an angle of 106 °, give rise to the perfect shape. They also found that the ideal one belongs to Scarlett Johansson.
With the tip up, straight or short, in reality there is no better shape that can be adapted to every type of face, and with rhinoplasty the efforts of cosmetic surgeons are increasingly focused on obtaining a result that is right for the individual, rather than sticking to textbook formulas.

Generally performed under general anesthesia or sedation in day surgery, rhinoplasty allows you to increase or decrease the size of the nose, change the shape of the back, the tip, modify the opening of the nostrils.
In most cases this procedure is associated with septoplasty or the surgical method used to straighten the deviated nasal septum, which hinders proper breathing.
Aesthetic nose reshaping surgery can be of two types: closed, with incisions all made inside the nostrils; or open, which in addition to those provided in the first type adds an incision on the columella, or at the base of the nasal pyramid to create the useful entrance to perform the detachment that allows you to reach the affected areas.
The post-operative course is generally quite short and requires at least 48 hours of rest, on the third day you can already return to normal daily activities, even if the patches on the nose are removed after 7-10 days.

“Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding surgical procedures, which requires precise results, in which the boundary between successful outcome and error is quite tenuous, with results that often fall short of expectations” explains Rossella Berloco, specialist in maxillofacial surgery.
The Preservation Rhinoplasty represents an alternative. In addition to being less invasive, it allows to preserve more than radically modify the anatomy of the nose with always natural results. “While with the classic methods, in addition to the scalpel, the hammer and a sort of chisel (the osteotome) are used to cut a hump, for example, in the new procedure the piezoelectric is used, a device similar to a cutter that uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove excess bone. This tool allows us to carry out an extremely precise and minimally invasive intervention, and also has the great advantage of reducing the trauma generated by classical methods ”explains the specialist. “The doctor proceeds slowly and gradually, smoothing out excess cartilage and bone by working on the sides of the nose to smooth out the imperfection, until the desired result is achieved.”
“The Preservation Rhinoplasty is less invasive than the traditional one, because it requires less detachment with consequent reduction of trauma, recreating or preserving the original dorsal aesthetic lines”, adds Rossella Berloco. “Furthermore, it does not affect the muscles and related ligaments, nor the small blood and lymphatic vessels that supply the area: so swelling and bruising are minimal and recovery times significantly faster” concludes the specialist.

Those looking for inspiration, in the gallery find a selection of the celebs with the most requested noses in the studies of US surgeons proposed in a report published on

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