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Faith in humanity restored: Rescued baby abandoned in the garbage and adopted him

“Dad is not the one who begets, but the one who breeds”. This sentence perfectly describes the story of Jimmy Amisial, a 27-year-old young man who saved a baby from an imminent and painful death.

During his trip to Haiti, Amisil came across an abandoned baby in the garbage. His heart was moved when he saw that scene, so she took the little boy in her arms and carried him home with her.

He rescued a baby abandoned in the garbage and adopted him as his son

According to information from NBCnewsAmisil was returning from a student event when he saw Emilio in the middle of the garbage, naked and covered in ants that were hurting his body.

Amisil asked why no one helped the little boy, if anyone knew his parents or if he was sick. The response he received shocked him, because the locals limited themselves to saying that they did not help the minor because he was “cursed”.

Despite the comments, Amisil took the baby in his arms, covered him with his jacket and took him straight to his mother’s house.

He rescued a baby abandoned in the garbage and adopted him as his son

After calling the police and unsuccessfully trying to find the whereabouts of Emilio’s parents, a judge asked Amisil if he could become his legal guardian and he immediately accepted the offer.

I always wanted to be a part of something great. For me, that was the moment, and I took a leap of faith by saying, ‘Yes, I’m going to be there for him.’

Despite signing the adoption papers, Amisil had to pay a sum of $30,000 to become legal guardian. Not having enough money, she opened a GoFundMe petition and explained what happened, raising more than $135,000.

With the money obtained, Amisil managed to become the legal guardian of that baby. In addition, he was able to buy what was necessary for the minor, from a crib to his food, and with the remaining money he opened a fund for Emilio’s education.

Now, Emilio has a small but very loving family that will help him heal his heart and smile as he always deserved.

Source: Okchicas

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