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Fan went viral after catching Taylor Swift heels: “I would sell them for a high price”

The designer and publicist Felipe Conrado , 32 years old and a fan of Taylor Swift, can consider himself a very lucky admirer. During a show held on Monday (20), in Rio de Janeiro, the heel of the singer’s boots broke right at the beginning of the event.

Despite the unforeseen situation for the singer, the situation yielded a huge “treasure” for Felipe, who was disbelieved when he saw the ornament in his hands. A CNN he explained how it all happened.

“She stopped exactly in front of me and squatted down. I caught a glimpse of something red. I thought it might be shredded paper or maybe she had stepped on some sticker. I would never have imagined it was the shoe. Then she started moving, got up, turned directly to the side I was standing on and took the leap,” she says.

Asked if there was any confusion or dispute over the object, the fan said that everything went smoothly. “My luck was that I managed to catch it in the air and my hand caught the jump exactly. Three or four people held [também], but I was more firm. I just pulled it and I was kind of paralyzed, thinking: ‘I can’t believe it’ and I ducked to protect myself. But it was pretty peaceful,” she said.

“I just didn’t realize it at the time, I thought it was a show prop, but a friend asked me to keep it. I kept it in a small bag. In the middle of the show, I became desperate, thinking if it was something historic, a treasure, wondering how I was going to leave [com o salto]”, continued.

Felipe also said that some people asked to take a photo with the jump, which he thought was risky. “I put her little shoe inside a raincoat and kept it in my bag, thinking about protecting it in the best way possible. Some people asked to take a photo, but for safety reasons, I thought it best not to. I found my boyfriend and we left calmly, safely,” he added.

Hours after the penny dropped and with such repercussion on social media, Felipe revealed that, although he is a huge fan of the artist, he would sell the piece to financially support his cousin, who is undergoing treatment against cancer and has been facing bureaucratic problems with health insurance. “As a fan, I will keep it. But if someone offered a high price, I would sell it,” he confesses.

The show held on Monday (20) took place after the presentation, originally scheduled for Saturday (18), was cancelled. At the time, the singer decided to postpone the performance due to the intense heat in the city.

The night before her first event in Brazil, during the performance, Ana Clara Benevides Machado, a 23-year-old fan, fell ill during the second song. Despite efforts to help her, the young woman died due to cardiorespiratory arrest. Taylor Swift, faced with this tragedy, explained that she prioritized the safety of both her admirers and her team.

During his stay in Rio de Janeiro, another impactful event occurred. Gabriel Mongenot, 25, was stabbed in a robbery on Copacabana beach.

Source: CNN Brasil

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