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Fantasy AI Art Generator 2.7.7

Fantasy AI Art Generator – AI will help you generate dream anime art by just inputting a hint. MORE THAN 5+ Art Generator AI models in one app!

Anime Diffusion and Stable Diffusion are effective and widely used. Also, Anything V3, Trinart v2, Uber Realistic Porn Merge (URPM), HassanBlend, Weebs, Openjourney-v2, Waifu. You can’t miss this if you like anime. Feel the power of artificial intelligence right now!

AI + BATCH ART GENERATION. AI Art batch generation feature supports more models. Generate 100+ drawings in one go. Provide more inspiration. Allows you to create your own exclusive anime characters.


  • Anime Diffusion
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Anything V3
  • Trinart v2
  • Uber Realistic Porn Merge (URPM)
  • Hassan Blend
  • openjourney-v2
  • waifu


  1. Enter words. For example, “dreaming gamer girl”, “dreaming fiery girl”. AI will create AI artwork.
  2. Choose a model generated by AI Art, you can choose more than 5+ models in one app.
  3. Select an AI Art style. For example, “sexy”, “wind magic”, “love story”. Various styles will make it easier for you to create the best works.

AI + AVATARS. Online AI avatars like in lansa. After uploading your photos, AI will train a unique model based on the photos and then create your exclusive AI avatars. Fantasy AI Avatar will generate hundreds of avatars for you, including dozens of styles, scenes and poses.

AI + PICTURES. Regenerate images from photos or sketches. For example, your photos, photos of your pets, even sketches that you have drawn. The AI ​​will turn them into works of art. Like etc., dream and wonder. Let AI be your drawing assistant.


  • Lots of generators
  • AI generated artwork plus portrait restoration and pixel adjustment
  • Research for AI Art Creation
  • You can see more beautiful and creative drawings. You can use the generate image prompt directly. Same as stable diffusion, midjourney and dalle 2. Also you can try “Open AI creator” “Alien disco diffusion” “Deep dream”.
  • Personal gallery. You can add your favorite photos to the gallery. You will be able to see other galleries in the future.

AI Art Generator & AI Avatar is popular all over the world, you can catch it by trying it now! Try anime art now!

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